Masterclass with Dave Ulrich

After the Shock - Phases of a Crisis and HR Responses

Join this insightful Online Masterclass with Dave Ulrich

Are you tired of being tired about the Coronavirus crisis?

The Coronavirus has now been the dominant issue in most of our lives the last 2 to 3 weeks (in the United States; more or less in other countries).

We have learned new terms (social distancing, shelter in place, ventilator, pandemic, flatten the curve), experienced unpresented lifestyle choices (no gathering for shopping, eating out, playing, or worshipping), and felt inevitable personal fears and stresses.

And, we want it all to just be over. We are tired of being tired.

But it is not over. Our lives today are NOT a “new normal” and we will eventually return to work, social engagements, and other activities we did before this crisis.

Join this engaging one hour Masterclass with the father of modern HR, Dr. Dave Ulrich, who will be offering a perspective on the phases of this crisis using an accident as a metaphor, then reviewing how HR issues around talent, leadership, and organization can be addressed by business leaders, HR professionals, and individuals themselves.

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