Congress Masterclasses

We want you to be able to maximize your time with us at The HR Congress and find the most value! This is why we have developed a range of great masterclasses led by leading international HR experts on a wide selection of critical topics impacting the world of work. The masterclasses will take place on both Day One (19th November) and Day Two (20th November). Each masterclass is limited entry – so make sure you book your ticket now before available seats sell out!

Masterclasses Day 1 – November 19

11:00 – 12:30 – Interactive Dialogue Session with Claude – In Focus: Empathy, Emotional Awareness, Heart and Purpose By Claude Silver

Claude Silver, speaker at The HR Congress 2019Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

More information about this exclusive masterclass is coming soon!

11:00 – 12:30 – Disrupt or be Disrupted: Making Innovation Happen – Unlocking the Creative Human Potential in Organizations By Julian Birkinshaw

Julian Birkinshaw, Professor at London Business School and Education Management Consultant

This Masterclass is a deep dive into the methods and personal qualities needed to make innovation happen in the business world today. Professor Birkinshaw will discuss the typical obstacles to innovation that established firms all face, then he will describe a structured way to tackle whatever ’innovation challenge’ you are currently working on. In particular, he will emphasize the human aspects of the innovation process, and the need to sometimes rise above the formal process and even break the rules, as a way of getting things done.

14:00 – 15:30 – Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption
By Shane Cragun

Shane Cragun, Founding Principal, CEO, Author, Advisor at SweetmanCragun Group

More information about this masterclass will be coming soon!

14:00 – 15:30 – Reinventing Workforce Planning in the VUCA World By Adam Gibson

Adam Gibson, Speaker at The HR Congress 2019Adam Gibson, Director of Strategic Workforce Planning at Capita

More information about this masterclass will be coming soon!

Masterclasses Day 2 – November 20

11:00- 12:30 – The Elephant in the Room – Understand, Manage and Prevent the Dark Side of Leadership at Work By Adrian Furnham

Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, University College London

More information about this masterclass will be coming soon!

11:00- 12:30 – IDEA LAB: The Code of The Extraordinary Mind – In Conversation with Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani, Founder & CEO, Mindvalley

More information about this Idea Lab session will be coming soon!

13:45- 15:15 – The Culture MAPP – Unlocking the Secrets to a High Performance Culture By Siobhan McHale

Siobhan McHale, Executive General Manager HR (CHRO), Dulux Group

Does your company seem to constantly struggle with dissatisfied customers, under performing employees or disappointed shareholders? If you look “under the hood’ of your business you will invariably find a culture issue. According to Siobhan McHale, EGM HR at DuluxGroup, “Culture is one of the most talked about but least understood concepts in workplaces today”. In this Masterclass Siobhan will talk you through the 4 key components of workplace culture (in the Culture MAPP framework) and take a deeper dive into how to accelerate change. You will hear about the secrets to eliminating ongoing “noise’ and enabling your business to achieve its full potential. The session is packed with practical examples of how to diagnose and accelerate the shift to a higher-performing workplace culture, based on examples of successful change from across four continents. Siobhan’s work has been featured as a case study at Harvard Business School and is a “must-attend” session for those who are advising leaders about how to bring about faster change.

13:45- 15:15 – Orchestrating and Leading Sustainable Transformational Change – TBA

More information about this Masterclass will be available soon! Please check back for details.

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