How to Design a Digital Workforce Experience

Day 2 – November 20 | 11:00 – 12:30

How to Design a Digital Workforce Experience By Jason Averbook

Join this interactive masterclass to learn more about why the concept of the ‘digital workforce experience’ is such a cornerstone feature of Jason Averbook’s work – and a part of why modern digital transformations are so often misunderstood.

During the masterclass we will discuss why the organizations of tomorrow are going to trade in employee experience, why mindset is important (as always), the fundamental differences between ‘digital’ and ‘technology’, and the perils of shiny object syndrome (SOS).

Jason offers a compelling guide to what’s required for the future of HR and how leaders can shape the future of work. There is no ‘one-click’ prescription available with HR technology. The HR function needs to deliver a digital employee experience platform to meet the needs of an organization that aspires to be poised for sustainable growth. What’s required is a digital HR strategy that HR leadership owns and drives across the organization. The power of digital breaks down silos of HR and allows teams to build a frictionless workforce experience for the moments that matter – ensuring the DNA of the company is captured for the future.

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About Jason Averbook:

Jason is a leading analyst, thought leader and consultant in the area of HR, the future of work and the impact technology has on that future. He has more than 25 years of experience in the HR and technology industries, and has collaborated with industry-leading companies in transforming their HR organizations into strategic partners. He is also the author two books: HR from Now to Next, and The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience.

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