Interactive Dialogue Session with Claude

Day 1 – November 19 | 11:00 – 12:30

Interactive Dialogue Session with Claude - Building the Empathy Centered Leadership Capabilities to Unlock People Potential

During this 90-minute ‘idea lab’ session, you will have the chance to deep-dive into some of the ideas shared by Claude during her keynote session. This is not a lecture and certainly not a passive masterclass – rather an open dialogue on how to drive positive business outcomes while connecting people’s needs and aspirations with empathy and emotional awareness. Be ready to contribute and share.

Claude strongly believes that human beings are full of heart. And every now and then, especially in corporate cultures, we end up forgetting that part. So, in her role she oversees and works for 800 people, taking care of whatever their needs are, be that learning, and development, growth, shifting teams, personal coaching, mental health issues, meditation, issues with managers, and giving feedback. She drives overall business success by connecting those needs.


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About Claude Silver:

Claude is an emotional optimist, coach, manager, and mentor. As the first ever Chief Heart Officer, she leads the people practices at VaynerMedia. Claude works for 800 humans, and is in touch with the heartbeat of every single person in the company. She has previously held senior positions in Digital, Strategy, Operations, and Client services in multiple international locations for different organizations.


Register for The HR Congress and book this Masterclass!