Dave Ulrich Masterclasses

Dr. Dave Ulrich will be returning to The HR Congress for the fourth time this year in Nice, bringing two informative, detailed, and timely masterclasses. Make sure you don’t miss out on booking your seat, as each masterclass will only have a limited number of spaces available.


Creating the Right Culture – The Next Step for Leading HR Professionals

11:00  – 12:30 – Day 2 – November 20

At the cornerstone of successful organizations are cultures that lend themselves to business growth, authenticity, and an environment of human excellence. HR professionals have one of the most important and yet challenging tasks in the entire organization. They are responsible for creating, nurturing, and leading the right culture. But how do you get there? Join this masterclass with Dr. Dave Ulrich to learn more about how creating a new, right, and sustainable culture, HR leaders will shape four key agendas. [1] Intellectual agenda: What is the message we want to share about what we are known for both outside to customers and inside to employees? [2] Behavioral agenda: How does the desired culture shape daily personal employee behavior? [3] Process agenda: What processes need to be aligned to the desired culture? [4] Leadership agenda: How can leaders personally model the desired culture?

The price of this Masterclass is €395

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Disrupt Yourself - What it Takes to be a High Performing HR Leader

13:45  – 15:15 – Day 2 – November 20 

In today’s world, disruption is no longer the domain of trendy tech startups – it’s for everyone. Being an HR leader today is no easy task. Balancing the responsibilities of leading an HR organization, a workforce, and the strategic people operations of an entire organization require significant investments in yourself and your personal resilience. In this masterclass with Dr. Dave Ulrich, you will learn more about what it takes to be a high performing HR leader; from the personal skills and adaptive qualities needed in the market today, to helping the workforce to grow and develop in a workplace irrevocably changed by technology, disruptive markets, and new employee experience imperatives. You will also learn about some of the emerging HR competencies required for tomorrow including; how HR creates value, how HR contributes to talent, leadership, and organization, as well as the HR skills for continued impact.

The price of this Masterclass is €395

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What’s Next for Managing Talent? A White Paper by Dave Ulrich

In this paper, Dave Ulrich succinctly summarizes what’s next for the study of talent, what the evolutions in talent thought means for organizations, and subsequently, how leaders can better use talent insights to drive desired organizational outcomes.

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