Embracing the Future of Learning: Siemens’ Revolutionary ‘My Skills’ Platform




Discover how Siemens is revolutionizing corporate learning with its cutting-edge ‘My Skills’ platform. Learn how this innovative approach integrates analytics, empowers employees, and addresses future challenges and setting a new standard for skill development in today’s multi-generational workforce.

Continuous learning and skill development have become paramount in today’s rapidly evolving digital work environment. With five generations coexisting in the workforce, each with unique learning preferences and technological proficiencies, companies are tasked with creating inclusive, adaptive, and efficient learning ecosystems. This shift is crucial for staying competitive, fostering innovation, and ensuring employees have the skills to thrive. Siemens, a global electronics and manufacturing powerhouse, is leading this transformative wave with its innovative ‘My Skills’ learning platform, as detailed in a recent conversation with Bas Puts, Global Head of Learning & Skill Architecture at Siemens at the HORIZON SUMMIT in Amsterdam.

A Comprehensive Learning Ecosystem

Launched three years ago, Siemens’ ‘My Skills’ is a testament to the company’s commitment to employee development and technological advancement. “My Skills is our skills-based learning approach within Siemens,” explained Bas Puts. The platform is an integral part of Siemens’ broader learning experience platform, ‘My Learning World,’ which was designed to facilitate content discovery and provide a structured navigation system based on individual skills and roles.

The sheer scale of Siemens’ learning catalogue is impressive. With 160,000 learning resources available, the need for an intuitive navigation system becomes evident. “There is so much out there; you need orientation,” Puts noted, emphasizing the role of skill managers who help employees navigate this vast array of resources, identify skill gaps, and recommend relevant learning opportunities.

Leveraging Analytics for Enhanced Learning

A critical aspect of ‘My Skills’ is its integration with analytics, leveraging extensive data to enhance the platform’s effectiveness. “Data in itself is a beast,” Puts remarked, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of managing vast data. Despite being in an early maturity phase regarding data strategy, Siemens has made significant strides in using analytics to provide insights into skill development and learning engagement. Skill managers now have access to dashboards that help them understand where employees are in their skill development journey, the size of skill gaps, and the effectiveness of learning resources.

Overcoming Implementation Challenges

They were implementing such a comprehensive platform across an organization as large as Siemens was challenging. The journey had its hurdles, from technical complexities involving numerous interfaces and APIs to motivating the organization to contribute content. However, the results speak for themselves. “We are now like the one-stop shopping for learning and development,” Puts stated, noting a significant increase in learning hours per employee and a rise in engagement with the platform.

Adoption and Engagement Success

One of My Skills’ most notable achievements is its adoption rate. In the last fiscal year alone, users grew from 25,000 to 60,000, clearly indicating its value and impact. Over 400 skill managers who actively use the platform to manage and promote skill development across the company supported this growth.

Empowering Employees Through Transparency

The platform’s design also encourages transparency and self-directed learning. Employees can view and add skills to their profiles, explore skill roles from different units, and receive personalized learning recommendations. This approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and empowers employees to take control of their career development.

Looking Ahead: Future Challenges and Opportunities

Looking ahead, Siemens aims to connect its various skills initiatives to create a cohesive and comprehensive skills ecosystem. “We are proud of the traction we have now with ‘My Skills’,” Puts shared, expressing optimism about the future and the potential to integrate more use cases and connections within the company’s skills landscape.

Siemens’ ‘My Skills’ platform exemplifies how technology can transform learning and skill development in a complex, multi-generational workforce. By combining a vast learning catalogue, sophisticated analytics, and a user-centric approach, Siemens sets a new standard for corporate learning and development. As other organizations look to navigate the challenges of the digital era, Siemens’ journey offers valuable insights into building a thriving and scalable learning ecosystem.

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Written by: Mihaly Nagy

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