Employee Experience Forum

today 2023.03.21.my_locationAmsterdam

Over the last three years the pandemic has forced businesses across the world to fundamentally rethink how their workplaces function and what this means for their employees, finances and their future. With Covid now loosening its grip and with leaders and employees now settling into the ‘new normal’, HR executives are recognising that effective employee experience is now more crucial than ever to ensure they attract the right talent at the time of Great Resignation, ensure staff retention and future proof their businesses in times of uncertainty and volatility. The power has now shifted over to employees for good! Many companies that got employee experience wrong at this crucial time now face the challenge not only to retain existing employees but also to attract the right new ones. Those that have re-imagined EX effectively, however, have gone on to build thriving organisations with employees that are more engaged than ever.
Join The Employee Experience Impact Forum – a very practical, interactive and engaging summit where we shall be discussing how to address some of the most notable EX challenges through workshops, case presentations, interactive panel discussions and informal dialogues.
Begin 2023.03.21.
End 2023.03.22.
Location Amsterdam
Link https://employeeexperienceamsterdam2023.hr-congress.com/
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