Pre-Congress Workshops

Maximize your time while you are at the Congress. The HR Congress brings you a fine selection of pre-Congress workshops taking place on Day Zero, the 18th of November between 15:00-18:30.

Agenda for the day:
15:00 – Registration
15:30 – Pre-Congress Workshop [Part One]
17:00 – Break
17:30 – Pre-Congress Workshop [Part Two]
18:30 – End of Workshops

All workshops will run in parallel, so please select the workshop of your choice!

Managing Up - Creating an Impact and Succeeding with Any Type of Boss

Led by Ingrid Eras-Magdalena, EVP Chief HR Officer, Belmond and Doris Kunze, Global HR Director, Belmond

It’s a tale as old as time – the employee and their boss. Try as we might to divorce ourselves from this relationship dynamic, it is simply an enormous part of our everyday lives. Join this pre-Congress Workshop with Ingrid and Doris to learn more about how to succeed with any type of boss and deliver value to the organization. This workshop will be particularly pertinent for aspiring HR leaders who wish to influence, support, and drive initiatives in their organization – especially those who must deal with senior management and powerful stakeholders of every type.


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Meaning @ Work - Designing and Building a Culture that Engages, Includes, and Motivates

Led by Natasha Bowman, JD, President - Performance ReNEW & Assistant Professor – Jack Welch Management Institute

So much goes into building a cohesive, dedicated staff but when we parse out the fancy terms it all comes down to creating and maintaining a healthy corporate culture. One where every player knows he/she is valued and belongs. Where every staff member feels an integral part of the company; no matter their level or title. This interactive workshop will explore and capture ways to create enterprises with a culture that captures and reflects a meaningful purpose that connects every employee at every level. A culture that inspires passion, dedication, and a desire to succeed.

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Future Skills - Design Thinking for HR Professionals

Led by Filip Moriau, Founder & CEO, Stragilon

Design thinking often gets left out of a lot of HR’s conversations – mostly due to a misappropriation of its true value. Yes, at its core, it’s about making things look better, more intuitive, easier to use, and aesthetically pleasing. But it’s also about real, practical applications of how to create value. In today’s digital era, design thinking shouldn’t be just for graphic designers, marketers, and IT professionals. It’s a part of the new digital skill set that’s going to set some HR professionals (and indeed all professionals) apart from the rest. Join this workshop to learn more about how design thinking can be applied in HR, and the myriad of ways it impacts the development of HR’s future self and the workplace.

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Employee Experience - Design, Share, Measure & Act to Improve EX

Led by Sophie Müller, Client Experience Director, TI People

In this workshop, you will learn WHY and HOW to grow your maturity in employee experience management. • Explore employee personas, journeys, touch-points, moments of truth, and pain points. • Build a solid EX framework out of these ingredients. • Seek state-of-the-art ways to measure employee experience. • Prove that an employee experience provides tangible business value. The workshop is designed for employee experience leaders and for owners of employee journeys, e.g. candidate, onboarding, talent, learning, and manager HR journeys.


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Agile Leadership for the VUCA World

Led by Barbara Ramos, Head of Assessment and Succession EMEA, Korn Ferry

In order to succeed and thrive in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, organizations need current and future leaders who possess two critical skill sets – agility and social competence: the agility to anticipate and adapt to rapid changes in the the nature of work, e.g., digital transformation; and the social competence to be able to engage and bring people on the journey. Agility is a trait consisting of capabilities in five dimensions – mental, people, results, change and awareness. Agility can be developed, though only with a deeper approach because unlike skills building, it requires a change of mindset including one’s underlying values and beliefs. Developing these capabilities also enables leaders to develop their socially competence and abilities to lead by demonstrating the qualities of empathy, humble confidence and self-reflection, and the abilities to connect with others to create inclusive cultures and build effective networks. In this interactive and experiential Masterclass you will learn and apply some basic techniques to disrupt yourself and others to become more agile.

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Shaping the Future-Fit Organization

Led by Kevin Empey, Managing Director, WorkMatters

So how do you go about preparing your organization for the future of work when the business also needs to focus on short term delivery and performance? How can HR lead the conversation on future-proofing the organization and also influence business leaders as to what needs to change and why? With so many factors influencing the future of work and, at the same time, the ever-increasing pressure to deliver business performance at pace, it is a challenge to influence longer term business transformation and make change happen. Against the backdrop of a complex and fast-moving business landscape, this interactive workshop provides examples, tools and an approach to help you prepare and plan for the specific challenges you face in future-proofing your organization and workforce.


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