Reimagining Learning & Development Masterclass with Dave Ulrich

Reimagining Learning & Development Masterclass with Dave Ulrich

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How can L&D create value in a constantly evolving workplace, especially it today’s volatile times?

As Winston Churchill once said: “Never let a good crisis go waste” … and in a recession, pruning occurs as weaker companies are weeded out.  Stronger companies get stronger by making long term investments.  However, when it comes to learning investment, this is tricky with cost pressures demanding daily responses.

Join this insightful masterclass with the father of modern HR, Dave Ulrich to cover the content and process of learning so that you may have the best approach to enable your organization to win at the marketplace.

Content:  what we learn

The basic categories of what we learn are the same (talent, leadership, organization), but we have to respond to pandemic with new personal competencies and organization capabilities, likely around speed, paradox, innovation and more. Treat people investments like products . In recession, you get brutal about your SKUs and work to grow the ones that are worth investing in, sames with people grow the talent who will sustain you long term.

Process:  how we learn

Obviously, there are many ways of learning … in person classroom, experience, coaching, etc.  Most say that experience counts the most.  We are now experiencing virtual, on-line learning with forced social distancing.  Virtual work (and learning) is not THE new normal, but another pathway to improve learning options.   And this pandemic is formalizing this option. Focusing on training instead of cutting budget can be a better solution.

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