Glint is the people success platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Leading brands like United, Intuit, and Sky leverage Glint’s unique combination of intuitive design, sophisticated analytics, and actionable intelligence to help employees be happier and more successful at work.

Learn more about how to measure and improve the employee experience across the lifecycle with the Glint platform.

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Glint Sessions at The HR Congress

Congress day 2 – 20th November

Employee Experience Track


12:10- 12:40 – Practical EX – Leveraging Real-Time People Data to Increase Employee Engagement – Glint
Join this session from Glint to learn more about:

• The shift from traditional processes toward real-time feedback
• Empowering managers to have more impactful and regular conversations
• Driving quality conversations with your people
• Identifying focused actions for improvement
• Creating a tangible vision for change

Day Stage Session

November 19th | 11:10 – 12:40 Workshop: Agile Employee Engagement: Using Your Engagement Survey to Transform Your Culture and Accelerate Performance

Workshop Leader: Steven Buck, Head of People Science, EMEA, Glint

By harnessing the feedback and sentiment of your people in the right ways, you can transform your organization — becoming more innovative, faster, and more resilient, in addition to attracting and retaining top talent. While soliciting feedback from your people is an obvious first step, what’s most important is the way your organization responds to that feedback and takes action to improve.

This interactive workshop will help you design a more effective employee engagement program and measurement strategy from the ground up, using practical advice and real-life case studies to provide you with a new framework for improving engagement and performance. This session will walk you through the process of shifting leaders’ mindsets, driving accountability among managers and leaders, and making action-taking easier. You’ll hear perspectives incorporating decades of organizational development consulting, and work with your peers to build a plan you can begin to implement immediately.

You can meet the Glint Team at the Congress. Get in touch with them!

Steven Buck
Head of People Science, EMEA, Glint

Steven has over 20 years’ direct experience in the field of employee research and organizational development.

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Frédéric Vaz, Enterprise Account Executive, France, Glint

More than 13 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Internet, Social Media, Software, E-commerce, Mobile & Digital Communication in large and small companies

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Pam Alvarez,
Territory Manager, Glint

Helping people be happier & more successful at work

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Ronald Swanink, Regional Sales Manager, Glint

Challenging organizations to get the best out of their people by having more frequent conversations.

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Jonas Komander, Account Executive, Glint

People fuel the success of your organization. And it’s never been so easy – and so costly – to lose touch with what they need.

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