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We are a team of young and purpose-driven individuals with a passion for unleashing the potential of people by liberating them from limiting structures and processes. Together with our clients, we support them to find the best combinations of different novel approaches that allow them to become more agile, innovative, and impactful. By developing customized approaches specific for their context and business culture we catalyze sustainable success.

We strive to find the best mix of seeding and „rootical“ (radical from the root) approaches in the context of the market and your culture. A more self-organizing agile culture is the best environment to facilitate innovation and growth within this fast-changing world.
– We think it is important to develop specific solutions together with our clients rather than providing unified frameworks
– We will Catalyse Success with you in a Do It Yourself (DIY) way – educating you in problem-solving techniques and explaining themes that challenges have in common
– We will free up spaces for you to plant the new ideas, by documenting complex problems in an easy way and helping you to break it down in the next steps
– You are given advice in learning industry patterns and how to master these obstacles, ultimately reducing consulting costs substantially

Find out more about us, and check our LIVEline (our guideline- & culture book)

We are proud to be a TEAL Organisation!

For years, Frédéric Laloux searched for answers and eventually published the results in his book called “Reinventing Organisations” in 2014. What he found was that some of the organisations at the forefront of their relevant industries are convinced that the current way to manage companies is outdated. They disregarded what they had been taught in business school and sought something more powerful, soulful and purposeful instead. Although these pioneer companies differ in industry and location, they ended up with the same three fundamental breakthroughs:
Self-Management: No levels of hierarchy. Authority is distributed.
Wholeness: Show your complete personality, including your emotional and spiritual side. The more life you bring into the company, the more life the company has. An enormous amount of energy and creativity is set free when we can be ourselves.
Evolutionary Purpose: Sense and respond instead of predicting and controlling the future. Because the world has become too big and complicated for the latter. The company is a living organism, so listen to where it wants to go and then follow.

These three features are indicators that an organization has reached a next paradigm describing a new level of consciousness, i.e. a new sensibility or apprehension of the world. Each precedent stage of consciousness has had their own breakthroughs. Up until the Teal-stage, all other stages (Red, Amber, Orange and Green) are described as competing and being adverse towards the integration of the breakthroughs that “lower” levels have achieved. The Teal-layer of consciousness is considered to be the first integral layer, meaning that the features from all stages are no longer in competition but integrated to co-exist. Although this model describes a general evolution, all organisational paradigms currently still coexist in our business world – even throughout a single company.

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