Everybody deserves happy Mondays

LutherOne is a revolutionary ecosystem that combines people & data science with cutting edge technology to radically advance the performance and potential of people & companies. Our platform includes real-time & fluid performance management, unprecedented insights, unique 360 people profiling, continuous feedback, internal social network, and much more – all in a single solution. Our data engines then draw big data from the multitude of sources, and with the use of big data analytics & technology like AI/ML help companies revolutionize not only how they manage todays, but also allows them to predict & change the future.

Our platform is making people happy at work instead of using these vital new technologies to replace people with bots we use them to make employees more engaged more productive educated / better trained ready for the future and even more important than ever before.

LutherOne’s Session at the Congress

To the Future of People and Performance Management, November 19 | 13:00 – 13:20

To the Future of People and Performance Management, by Jiri Baca, Founder & CEO |

More information about this session is coming soon!