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Transform HR into an employee-centric function.

TI People is the thought leader in creating business value through employee experience management at scale in large organizations. Co-creation is at the core of how TI People address EX challenges, by working with progressive HR leaders on building the solution. As we all that through consulting and a technology platform; TI People provides the employee experience insights that help companies change:

  • the design of employee journeys and touchpoints,
  • the behavior of people owning the touchpoint experience, and
  • the design and function structure of HR to sustain EX efforts in the long term
  • TI-People is the Proud Underwriter of the EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE TRACK

    TI People Session at the Congress

    Pre-Congress Workshop Day November 18, 15:30 – 18:30

    Employee Experience – Design, Share, Measure & Act to Improve EX by Volker Jacobs 

    In this workshop, you will learn WHY and HOW to grow your maturity in employee experience management.

    • Explore employee personas, journeys, touch-points, moments of truth, and pain points.

    • Build a solid EX framework out of these ingredients.

    • Seek state-of-the-art ways to measure the employee experience.

    • Prove that an employee experience provides tangible business value. The workshop is designed for employee experience leaders and for owners of employee journeys, e.g. candidate, onboarding, talent, learning, and manager HR journeys.

    Congress Day 2 November 20, 11:10 – 11:40

    Employee Experience Track


    The State of Employee Experience by Volker Jacobs

    Does Employee Experience (EX) have a clear line of sight to business value? And if so, how to manage EX at scale in large organizations? Volker Jacobs will answer these two questions based on findings from his latest research and on reference practice of advanced companies. He will offer solutions that were co-created by 40 global companies. And he will outline proven ways to define the next level of the HR function by employee experience.

    Day stage session

    The Moments of Truth – results from employee journey co-creation by Volker Jacobs

    Take a look at HR services and products from the customers’ (managers, employees, candidates) perspective, and they become ’journeys’. Kerry Ghize will show the real ’moments of truth’ for employees – as defined by more than 50 ’journey owners’ from 25 global companies. And Kerry will share how to continuously innovate them for best-in-class employee experience.


    You can meet the TI People Team at the Congress. Get in touch with them!

    Volker Jacobs, CEO & Founder

    Volker works with CHROs of global companies in Europe and the U.S. as a consultant, analyst, speaker and author in the field of HR transformation, employee experience and skill management.

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    Kerry Ghize, Managing Director
    Kerry is a business leader with 20 years of experience in professional services, delivering double-digit growth and business scale across multiple channels and customer segments.

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    Sophie Mueller, Client Experience Director

    Sophie is the Client Experience Director for the European Digital HR Program at TI People. She has mature expertise in state-of-the-art HR with a strong business focus.

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    Joseph Moscardini, Client Experience Manager

    Joseph is dedicated to enabling transformation, innovation, and digitization of people management in global organizations.

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    Donnachad Krueger, Business Development Director

    Donnachad is dedicated to enabling transformation, innovation, and digitization of people management in global organizations.

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