HR Congress Track Overview

Six elective tracks, six critical areas of interest for HR - many choices to learn.

We know that HR is going through a tremendous period of change, involving a number of complexities and evolving trends. This is why we’ve developed six elective tracks that will cover the topics that are most pressing on the agenda of the world’s HR professionals. Simply join the sessions you want to learn more about, move between tracks as you wish, and learn from some great international case studies!

Organization & Leadership Track

The time for HR professionals to partner with the business is over. HR professionals now must be strategic leaders within the organization, possessing a wide range of business skills and technical acumen. HR professionals must also posses the ability to lead with confidence – and not just within the HR department. They are tasked now with a number of critical change initiatives, new programs, and organizational duties that require genuine, authoritative, empathetic, and passionate leadership. This track will explore how HR leadership is evolving in the contemporary organization, and why HR professionals hold immense potential for organizational growth.

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High Performance HR Track

This track will be dedicated to exploring the practices and lessons that high-performing HR organizations can provide. As HR evolves, there are a certain number of organizations who have begun to leverage HR’s new competencies to create high-performing teams. Some of the topics we’ll discuss in this track include how HR can drive the new workforce agenda, aligning culture, performance, leading the digital transformation of the organization, and build the networks within the organization to effectively drive positive relationships. Ultimately, an HR organization that puts people first, embraces digital, leverages technologies to drive evidence-based decision making, and leads by example will set a foundation for a high-performing company.

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Agility, AI & Digital Track

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Technologies, Cognitive, Robotics, IoT… the list of new technologies is seemingly endless and sometimes maddeningly difficult to conceptually pin-point. As technologies augment the workplace, there’s a huge array of questions that HR professionals need to address. The most important of which is how HR can lead the digital transformation of the organization for long term success. But the track will also explore how these technologies will impact HR, the organization, and the workforce – not only from the technical standpoint, but also in terms of the adaptive skills that will become a default part of the future of work.

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Talent & Culture Track

As the social and economic landscape across the world continuously shifts, it is imperative that HR understands the need for talent & culture strategies that will enable organizational success. Attracting and retaining the best talent is as crucial as ever; but requires a unique understanding of the necessary skills sets of today. Furthermore, talent informs company culture – itself a basic cornerstone of any organization. A culture that prioritizes agility, transparency, performance, truthfulness, candor, and the potential of opportunity (among many possible variables) will inevitably set itself up to be more competitive in the modern marketplace. As technologies emerge and put huge pressures on companies to keep up, your organizational culture and talent are going to be the primary differentiating factor to keep you ahead of the pack.

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Employee Experience Track

There are a lot of misconceptions about employee experience. It’s one of those terms that’s hard to define, yet seemingly comes with a lot of connotations. No, we don’t mean open plan offices with bean-bags and pool tables – we mean the kind of environment and practices that are conducive to a high performing, productive, and healthy workforce. As new technologies and management methodologies change the way work takes place, creating a unique and powerful employee experience is an essential part of HR’s evolving repertoire. As with any expression of culture, the employee experience starts with business and HR leaders – so it’s essential that they have the knowledge, skills, and awareness to drive the establishment of a healthy, productive workplace experience for all.

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People Analytics and Insights Track

If there’s one area of HR that needs to have its own track at The HR Congress, it is certainly People Analytics. On one hand, it has become a near-indispensible part of HR’s strategic operations, but on the other it’s grown and developed into a much larger and more integrated business area. The ability to capture, measure, analyze, and use data insights to make better business decisions is an exceptionally important part of any business – and not just for HR. Yet, People Analytics often falls under the domain of HR professionals. This track will focus on how People Analytics is evolving into a much more deeply integrated business function, driven by people with the skills and acumen to capture the insights that exist all throughout the organization.

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Onboarding Summit powered by Talmundo_

The Onboarding Summit is a stand-alone, two-day event located within The HR Congress that runs in parallel to the other HR Congress Tracks. At a time when companies are competing for the best talent – it’s only fair this domain of HR is given the proper treatment. It will feature separate keynote presentations, panel discussions, networking groups, and interactive features designed to deliver the ultimate onboarding experience.

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