Agility, AI and Digital Track

Six elective tracks, six critical areas of interest for HR - many choices to learn.


Artificial Intelligence, Digital Technologies, Cognitive, Robotics, IoT… the list of new technologies is seemingly endless and sometimes maddeningly difficult to conceptually pin-point. As technologies augment the workplace, there’s a huge array of questions that HR professionals need to address. The most important of which is how HR can lead the digital transformation of the organization for long term success. But the track will also explore how these technologies will impact HR, the organization, and the workforce – not only from the technical standpoint, but also in terms of the adaptive skills that will become a default part of the future of work.

11:00 – 11:10 – Opening Remarks

Welcome and Opening Remarks

11:10 – 11:40 – A Compelling Coalition – How HR and IT are (together) Driving Digital Transformation, Kevin Empey, WorkMatters

Kevin Empey, Managing Director, WorkMatters

Digital Transformation – in the real sense of the term – is revolutionising how and where work is being done today and we know this will continue to increase even more in the future. In the pre-digital world IT and HR often operated in parallel worlds but digitalization crosses traditional boundaries and is changing that relationship for good. HR and IT now share a common agenda and mission to maximise the potential and application of technology in the workplace and in shaping new ways of getting work done. But who is really leading this revolution and transformation of work, how will this change in the future and what does it all mean for HR?

12:10- 12:40 – Achieving Real Transformation Using Augmented Intelligence – Filip Moriau, Stragilon & Etienne Jacques – ENGIE Group

ENGIE and Stragilon have done a one year track with ENGIE called Global Business Leadership. This Track has enabled the Tractebel Unit of ENGIE to integrate its global operations into one global delivery model, based on an integrated network of professional teams working together whilst pivoting the focus of the organization to front end consultancy instead of back end engineering.

The track was based on a number of elements, using Key Leader Profiles based on the skills of the future with algorithmic analyses and human to human feedback sessions allowing ENGIE to know where their leaders need to develop to take up the new challenges of the future. It was then accompanied by a tailor made program based on the outcomes of the Key Leader Profiles called Global Business Leadership.

As a result of the track, Tractebel, the engineering arm of ENGIE has not only integrated its global operations. The track has also prepared Tractebel for their new role inside ENGIE as consultants of Zero Carbon, reinventing the business of Energy for ENGIE. Engie Impact, with their logo Right Now, For Tomorrow, serves as the builder of ENGIE’s future and hence the future of the world of Energy.

12:40 – 14:00 – LUNCH & NETWORKING BREAK

Lunch will be served in the Exhibition Area, where you will have the opportunity to meet with your fellow HR Professionals and network. During the break, there will be Day Stage sessions, content-driven presentations delivered by our Sponsoring Partners.

14:00 – 14:30 – Orange is the New Tech – How Co-Creation Led to a Complete Digital Candidate & Employee Experience @ Sixt SE – Maximilian Grohmann and Friederike Reichenberger, Sixt

Agile times require a rethinking in the People Management department. Digitization and the use of AI are only the beginning. The People division at Sixt meets the challenges of the digital and agile world by developing its own people software with scrum principles. We are digitizing and automating our core processes with the target of working paperless. Agile and modern methods are also used for hiring, starting with e-recruiting and candidate screening with the help of AI.

14:30 – 15:00 – Shaping the People and Workplace of the Future – The A1 Journey Towards Digital and Agile Transformation – Ivan Skender, A1

Ivan Skender – Chief Digital Officer, A1

Being able to grow in today’s constantly changing digital environment is a challenging task, and in order to remain efficient, companies need to adopt an agile mindset. It is important to predict what customers want, to provide it faster and better than others with constant innovations, and to find new ways to approach customers in order to create the best customer experiences. Agile has to be a culture change for the whole organization – and only strong agile teams can deliver real added value to customers. Agility is simply the engine that powers a successful digital transformation.

15:00 – 15:30 – The Changing Employee Landscape – How Demographics and Robotics Impact the Future of Work – Mark van Dongen, ArcelorMittal

Mark van Dongen, Speaker at the HR Congress 2019Dr. Mark van Dongen, Head of HR – Mining Operations, ArcelorMittal

As a number of emerging demographic shifts begin to impact both society and the workplace, and with the continued rise of AI, advanced technologies, and robotization – it’s not surprising that there are some big challenges in the future for organizations. Mark suggests that before we get too carried away with doomsday scenarios, there are ways in which organizations and HR leaders can best manage the upcoming changes so that disruption to the workforce, workplace, and its people can be minimized and ultimately turned into an advantage for as many people as possible.

After the sessions have ended, there will be a Coffee and Networking break between 15:30 and 16:00. Following which, the Keynote Sessions will start in the main auditorium.

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