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There are a lot of misconceptions about employee experience. It’s one of those terms that’s hard to define, yet seemingly comes with a lot of connotations. No, we don’t mean open plan offices with bean-bags and pool tables – we mean the kind of environment and practices that are conducive to a high performing, productive, and healthy workforce. As new technologies and management methodologies change the way work takes place, creating a unique and powerful employee experience is an essential part of HR’s evolving repertoire. As with any expression of culture, the employee experience starts with business and HR leaders – so it’s essential that they have the knowledge, skills, and awareness to drive the establishment of a healthy, productive workplace experience for all.

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11:10 – 11:40 – The State of Employee Experience – Volker Jacobs, TI People

Volker Jacobs, Managing Director, TI People

Does Employee Experience (EX) have a clear line of sight to business value? And if so, how to manage EX at scale in large organizations? Volker Jacobs will answer these two questions based on findings from his latest research and on reference practice of advanced companies. He will offer solutions that were co-created by 40 global companies. And he will outline proven ways to define the next level of the HR function by employee experience.

11:40 – 12:10 – Lessons Learned from an EX Mindset for Scale-Ups – Ellie Terry, Formerly of N26

Ellie Terry, Former Director – Employee Experience & Global Communications, N26

Our employees should be treated just like our ‘internal customers’. Join me for a session on how to link traditional CX methodologies to the EX journey at the workplace. Taking a solid CX marketing approach to broaden traditional HR functions leads to better engagement, yet also shapes for a compelling experience for employees that’s custom fit to your company culture, and will help you build a long-term, rewarding strategic EX approach.

12:10- 12:40 – Practical EX – Embedding Employee Engagement into your Business – Steven Buck, Glint

Steven Buck, Head of People Science, EMEA, Glint

During this session we will share insights from research conducted by the Harvard Business Review on the importance of employee engagement and recommend approaches that can help your organisation gain a deeper understanding of your people’s engagement levels. Learn how to harness survey data to reduce time to action and make better, more targeted changes that will impact business outcomes. Glint will also share best practices from real-life case studies on how you can truly unleash the best in your people to help your organisation succeed.

12:40 – 13:45 – LUNCH & NETWORKING BREAK

Lunch will be served in the Exhibition Area, where you will have the opportunity to meet with your fellow HR Professionals and network. During the break, there will be Day Stage sessions, content-driven presentations delivered by our Sponsoring Partners.

13:45 – 14:15 – Engagement 4.0 – Bernard Coulaty, Author – Engagement 4.0, ex-Pernod Ricard

Bernard Coulaty, Speaker at The HR Congress 2019Bernard Coulaty, Pernod Author, Engagement 4.0, former VP HR Asia, Pernod Ricard

The quest for sustainable employee engagement often leads to pain and disappointment in the current volatile world. As competition for top talent intensifies, organizations must look at creating positive experiences for their people through a redesigned HR value chain. With a blend of innovative models, strategic frameworks and practical experience, building on his global HR leader’s experience worldwide, Bernard Coulaty will share key takeaways:

• Understand the new challenges impacting employee engagement at work
• Clarify the differences between satisfaction, motivation and engagement to adapt the relevant HR policies and programs
• How to leverage the employee value proposition (EVP) to create a positive employee experience (EX)
• How to build an engaging organization with all actors (managers, individuals, teams)
• Key competencies that business and HR leaders should develop to add value to the business and create a sustainable engagement mindset around them

14:15 – 14:45 – Enhancing Employee Experience in the Age of Industry 4.0 – Catalina Schveninger, Vodafone

Catalina Schveninger, Global Head of Learning, VodafoneCatalina Schveninger, speaker at The HR Congress 2019

Learn how a cross functional team at Vodafone leveraged design thinking and agile principles to ensure that the end to end employee experience is “sprinkled” with wow moments. Looking at these critical journeys allowed the team to step into the shoes of an employee and make changes to technology, data and ways of working. Although work in progress, initial results are showing that there is an increased level of positive employee sentiment due to the new simplicity of basic transactions, and a Netflix-like experience for learning.

14:45 – 15:15 – From Customer Experience to Employee Experience – Dr. Ralph Wiechers, DHL

Dr. Ralph Wiechers, SVP Corporate People Management and Platforms, DHL

Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) connects its Talent Strategy with employee experience (EX) management. The link is through DPDHL’s employment value proposition (EVP). Its promise ‘You can grow with us’ raises an expectation with DPDHL candidates and employees. And EX, DPDHL proves that it delivers against that expectation. Dr. Ralph Wiechers will explain the Talent Strategy-to-EVP-to-EX link, will show how set EX management up in a 3-months ‘proof of concept’ project, and how a new app creates just the right experience to ‘grow with us’.

After the sessions have ended, there will be a Coffee and Networking break between 15:30 and 16:00. Following which, the Keynote Sessions will start in the main auditorium.

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