Talent and Culture Track

Six elective tracks, six critical areas of interest for HR - many choices to learn.


As the social and economic landscape across the world continuously shifts, it is imperative that HR understands the need for talent & culture strategies that will enable organizational success. Attracting and retaining the best talent is as crucial as ever; but requires a unique understanding of the necessary skills sets of today. Furthermore, talent informs company culture – itself a basic cornerstone of any organization. A culture that prioritizes agility, transparency, performance, truthfulness, candor, and the potential of opportunity (among many possible variables) will inevitably set itself up to be more competitive in the modern marketplace. As technologies emerge and put huge pressures on companies to keep up, your organizational culture and talent are going to be the primary differentiating factor to keep you ahead of the pack.

After the sessions have ended, there will be a Coffee and Networking break between 15:30 and 16:00. Following which, the Keynote Sessions will start in the main auditorium.

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