Talent and Culture Track

Six elective tracks, six critical areas of interest for HR - many choices to learn.


As the social and economic landscape across the world continuously shifts, it is imperative that HR understands the need for talent & culture strategies that will enable organizational success. Attracting and retaining the best talent is as crucial as ever; but requires a unique understanding of the necessary skills sets of today. Furthermore, talent informs company culture – itself a basic cornerstone of any organization. A culture that prioritizes agility, transparency, performance, truthfulness, candor, and the potential of opportunity (among many possible variables) will inevitably set itself up to be more competitive in the modern marketplace. As technologies emerge and put huge pressures on companies to keep up, your organizational culture and talent are going to be the primary differentiating factor to keep you ahead of the pack.

11:10 – 11:40 – The Stories We Tell Ourselves – The Power of Storytelling and Cultural Change – Melissa Boggs, Scrum Alliance

Melissa Boggs, CEO/Chief ScrumMaster, Scrum Alliance

Organizations everywhere are seeking real, sustainable cultural change. But culture is built one story–one experience–at a time. From ancient tribes to modern businesses, storytelling creates and curates cultural DNA. Learn 4 types of stories that influence the spirit of your organization–who you are and who you need to be.

11:40- 12:10 – Purpose Driven Change – Customer Centricity as the Driver of Organizational Agility – Ricardo Troiano, Syngenta

Ricardo Troiano, Global Head, Change and Organizational Effectiveness, Syngenta

Does your culture enable your organization to fulfill its purpose? In his session, Ricardo will share how Syngenta has embarked on the cultural journey of aligning the executive leadership team vision while tapping into the energy and innovation of their employees. The specific focus is on growing their customer-centricity through driving the business agility that will be needed to remain competitive in an increasingly complex business environment. All in support of their ambition to play a vital role in the food chain to safely feed the world and take care of our planet.

12:10- 12:40 – Culture Lies and Lessons: The truth About Culture Change & How to Make it – Siobhan McHale, Dulux Group

Siobhan McHale, Executive General Manager HR (CHRO), Dulux Group

Siobhan McHale has spent her entire career helping leaders across four continents to build better workplace cultures. Her work has been featured as a case study by Professor John Kotter, the change management guru, at Harvard Business School. Over the past two decades Siobhan joined a series of large, complex organisations as the executive in charge of transformation, where she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders to make culture change happen. In these “insider” roles she gained a unique perspective on workplace culture – one that is different to the journalists, consultants and academics who are largely writing on this topic. In this session Siobhan busts the myths about workplace culture and gives you the four steps to accelerate this complex, adaptive change. This is a “must-see” session for HR professionals who are advising leaders about change and who are interested in how to make culture shifts happen faster, with less noise.

12:40 – 13:45 – LUNCH & NETWORKING BREAK

Lunch will be served in the Exhibition Area, where you will have the opportunity to meet with your fellow HR Professionals and network. During the break, there will be Day Stage sessions, content-driven presentations delivered by our Sponsoring Partners.

13:45 – 14:15 – Making Culture Work – How to Transform the Cultural Blueprint of Your Organization – Marc Stigter, University of Melbourne

Marc Stigter, Honorary Senior Fellow, The University of Melbourne & Associate Director, Melbourne Business School

Join this insightful session to explore how you can effectively transform organization culture by seeing, thinking and feeling differently about it. This session will look at cultural transformation based on the speaker’s forthcoming book and give some really useful and practical insights on:
• Challenges with changing organisational culture
• Expressing the cultural blueprint of an organisation through its being (Are), its ability (Can), its knowledge (Know), its desire (Want), and its Courage (Dare)
• Exploring 12 cultural elements that impact on the cultural blueprint

14:15 – 14:45 – Gender Equality at the Workplace – Evidence on the Cost of Not Closing the Gender Gap – Maria Pilar Rojas Caja, Repsol

María Pilar Rojas, speaker at The HR CongressMaria Pilar Rojas Caja, Global Head of Corporate Culture, Repsol

While the participation of women in the labor market has been growing, the social changes necessary for equal distribution and availability of time have not occurred. That is the reason why, so frequently, gender diversity measures highlight work-life balance initiatives. Are these effective? What is the cost of the waste of talent that results from thousands of women leaving the labor or reducing their working day to deal with domestic and care responsibilities?

14:45 – 15:15 – Fireside Chat: Uber’s Culture Transformation Journey – Anouk Geertsma, Uber and Max Hunter, Loylogic

Anouk Geertsma, Director HR EMEA, Uber

In this Fireside Chat session led by Max Hunter, Anouk will share her lessons learned and speak about Uber’s mission to become the most caregiver-inclusive company globally.

After the sessions have ended, there will be a Coffee and Networking break between 15:30 and 16:00. Following which, the Keynote Sessions will start in the main auditorium.

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