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Today, the typical prospect no longer trusts a company at face value. It is human nature to dislike being sold to, so most executives avoid salespeople and respond poorly to sales messages.

When we want or need a service or product, we look to sources we trust and ask others for their opinions, and search for solution providers who are able to demonstrate their expertise on the field and not merely wish to push a product or a service.

For companies, the implications are huge. Traditional approaches to marketing are no longer a viable option. Customers don’t respond to campaigns, and even when there is a large market for what a company is offering, customers are just out of reach, giving one marketer reason to call traditional display advertising a ‘branding black hole.’

We are here to help you to reach your target audience

Ever since humans have been communicating, we used stories to relate to each other, make sense of the world around us, and help us make decisions as we go through life.

Advancements in technology help us share a much greater volume of information, and we are finding ourselves making more decisions based on those stories. The story is the essence of communication. Always has been and always will be.

Here is how we help you to spread your story

Brand Journalism

Brand journalism involves telling “journalism-style” stories about a company and its products that make readers want to know more, stories that don’t read like marketing or advertising text. It means having conversations with your customers — not preaching at them or bombarding them with bullet points but giving them real and interesting stories, they can relate to.

We provide a selection of platforms, where our partners can demonstrate the wealth of experience and knowledge they have built up based on interactions with their customers.

Our partners respect the independence of our coverage and subscribe to enable their content and feeds to appear alongside our organic content.

Unlike other ‘sponsored content’ models, we provide regular advice and feedback, before and after publication, ensuring that partner content meets the interests and expectations of our readers and conference attendees, ultimately winning over our community members with their content.

Event Partnership

Stand out from the crowd – while prospects are usually bombarded with hundreds or thousands of media messages both on and offline – at our events, you can have their undivided attention.

Our virtual events are NOT merely webinars, these are true online events delivering nearly the same interaction and prospecting possibilities as a live event. All the content is bespoke, carefully researched, and co-created with you to ensure the highest possible impact.

We know that prospecting in today’s turbulent times is challenging – to say the least- hence we carefully designed the program to give you unparalleled opportunities for meeting your target audience.

Our events services include: 

  • Forums – exclusive conference-type event for your brand 
  • Masterminds– exclusive masterclass involving a global thought leader 
  • Summits – our annual flagship events gathering thousands of visitors 

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