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labelArticles today2023.11.09.

AstraZeneca’s Coaching Revolution: Thriving Through Change

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Dive into AstraZeneca’s coaching journey to unveil the secrets behind their remarkable transformation. This article unveils a blueprint for cultivating a resilient, innovative, and thriving workplace culture. In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical innovation, AstraZeneca found itself at the forefront of change, navigating the challenges brought ...

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labelArticles today2022.05.17.

It’s Not the Manager……anymore

By David C Forman, bestselling author “Fearless Talent Choices” WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? “According to the Mayo Clinic, the person you report to at work is more important for your health than your family doctor.” For almost three decades, the practical wisdom from Gallup has been “People join companies but ...

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labelArticles today2022.03.29.

Five Steps to Integrating Coaching into your Talent and Leadership Development Strategies

Renee Robertson PCC, SHRM- SCP, Founding Executive for the International Coaching Federation’s Coaching in Organizations WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?It is more difficult than ever to adapt to our ever-changing world. As we are facing new challenges every day both in our personal and professional lives, integrating coaching into the organizations’ ...

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labelFeatured today2022.02.03.

How to optimize your organization through coaching

The role of HR has always been a critical function. Now more than ever, HR professionals are at the front lines of supporting leaders, driving change and coaching has been identified as their “superpower”. Panel discussion recorded at The HR Congress World Summit in November, 2021. Facilitator: Renee Robertson, VP ...

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