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labelArticles today2023.05.24.

Future Literacy and the LEARNER Framework: A Vital Asset for HR Professionals

Scott D McArthur, Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?Discover the transformative power of Future Literacy, a crucial skill in a rapidly changing world. Learn how the LEARNER framework can enhance your foresight and adaptability as an HR professional. Gain insights on observing emerging trends, evaluating their impact, anticipating ...

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labelArticles today2022.09.30.

What’s New about New Learning?

By Dr. Lisbeth Claus, Professor Emerita of Management & Global HR at Willamette University By Dr. Anja Schmitz, Professor for Human Resource Management at Pforzheim University WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? More than ever, learning –and training—are a permanent assignment, a permanent trump card, a permanent responsibility for each employer and ...

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labelArticles today2022.03.31.

A Renaissance for the Learning Profession

By David C Forman, bestselling author “Fearless Talent Choices” WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? “The illiterate in the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, relearn and unlearn.” – Alvin Toffler The learning profession has sought legitimacy for years.  It has been ...

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labelArticles today2022.03.25.

HR’s raison d’être—making sense of the next best things in people operations

By Dr. Lisbeth Claus, Professor Emerita of Management & Global HR at Willamette University WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?There are considerable time gaps between HR research/HR practice and HR innovation/HR implementation particularly when it comes to the cataclysmic changes that have disrupted our ‘normal’ ways of doing things. This opinion piece ...

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labelMasterclass today2022.02.18.

Dave Ulrich: Reimagining Learning & Development

How can L&D create value in a constantly evolving workplace, especially in today’s volatile times? As Winston Churchill once said: “Never let a good crisis go waste” … and in a recession, pruning occurs as weaker companies are weeded out. Stronger companies get stronger by making long-term investments. However, when ...

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labelArticles today2022.02.10.

Optimizing training for a hybrid workforce

Graham Glass – CEO, CYPHER LEARNING WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Employees are the backbone of any organization. I know that investing in their training is key to driving success and innovation. Therefore, optimizing training for the hybrid workforce should be of prime importance for business leaders. The hybrid work model ...

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