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labelArticles today2024.06.24.

Embracing the Future of Learning: Siemens’ Revolutionary ‘My Skills’ Platform

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Discover how Siemens is revolutionizing corporate learning with its cutting-edge ‘My Skills’ platform. Learn how this innovative approach integrates analytics, empowers employees, and addresses future challenges and setting a new standard for skill development in today’s multi-generational workforce. Continuous learning and skill development have become paramount ...

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labelArticles today2023.07.26.

The CHRO’s Guide: When Talent Strategy, People Analytics & Business Results come together

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? “HR is not about HR” (Dave Ulrich) – Understand how CHROs are impacting and driving business outcome through by embracing data-driven talent strategies and people analytics. Learn how these groundbreaking approaches are not only reshaping HR functions but also driving organizational success, bridging the people impact ...

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labelArticles today2023.02.19.

Is your AI truly unbiased?

Mihaly Nagy, Partner, Head of Content, The HR Congress WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Artificial Intelligence tools have the potential to help people professionals to boost productivity, efficiency and reliability. However, AI in HR is a simple as plug and play — there are serious risks and drawbacks that companies need ...

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labelArticles today2022.07.05.

Born to move: How flexible work arrangements can drive talent retention in times of the great escape

Farai Mugabe, Content & Research, The HR Congress WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?Flexible work arrangements have become critical ingredients for talent retention. The challenges of the past 2,5 years have made employees rethink the true meaning of work. Some companies trying to return them to their workplaces, but employees no longer ...

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