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labelArticles today2023.04.03.

Reimagining Wellbeing, Recognition, and DEI: Key Strategies for HR Leaders to Build a Winning Culture

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE Wellbeing, recognition, and DEI is essential to creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture that fosters employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity. By implementing these key strategies, HR leaders can shape and enrich a winning culture that promotes the wellbeing, recognition, and diversity of all employees. As ...

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labelArticles today2022.03.25.

HR’s raison d’être—making sense of the next best things in people operations

By Dr. Lisbeth Claus, Professor Emerita of Management & Global HR at Willamette University WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?There are considerable time gaps between HR research/HR practice and HR innovation/HR implementation particularly when it comes to the cataclysmic changes that have disrupted our ‘normal’ ways of doing things. This opinion piece ...

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labelPast Events today2022.03.17.

RISE! How Human Resources Can Lead the Organization Through The Current Humanitarian Crisis And Beyond

Watch the forum on demand. Recorded on 17th March, 2022. The HR Congress Forum presents:RISE! How Human Resources Can Lead the Organization Through The Current Humanitarian Crisis And Beyond Just as the global COVID pandemic began to abate, the military incursion in Ukraine again both unified and disrupted the entire ...

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labelArticles today2022.02.06.

One-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work where diversity is concerned 

WHY SHOULD YOU CAREInclusive institutions and structures are needed to go beyond the “illusion” of diversity International Labour Organization (ILO) has recently published “The Future of Diversity”, an insightful e-book that brings together the perspectives of scholars and practitioners from different disciplines, from both the world of work and academia. ...

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