Masterclass with Dan Cable: Activating the Positive Emotions of a Winning Culture

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During this masterclass you will learn that for all unhappiness at work is biological: organizations, in an effort to routinize work and establish clear-cut performance metrics, are suppressing what neuroscientists call our ‘seeking systems’.

Organizations are shutting off the part of our brain that craves exploration and learning. The good news is that leaders can activate employees’ seeking systems, and it doesn’t take huge financial investments to do so. With small changes, leaders can make a meaningful impact on our lives and restore our zest for work.

This seeking system produces dopamine, and positive emotions like enthusiasm, zest, and curiosity.  We will study three low-cost ways that you can use to employees’ people’s Seeking Systems:

  1. Express unique strengths and perspectives;
  2. Prompt curiosity and learning through exploration;
  3. Find a story about the why of work beyond the money.

Written by: Mihaly Nagy

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