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labelArticles today2023.05.24.

Shaping and Enriching Winning Culture: Strategies for HR Leaders to Drive Business Excellence

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Discover the transformative power of a winning culture in driving organizational success. In this article, we delve into the key elements of building and sustaining a winning culture, including employee experience, leadership, and teamwork. In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are increasingly recognizing the critical role ...

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labelArticles today2023.04.27.

AXA XL’s Hybrid Working Success: A Blueprint for Creating a Thriving Work Culture

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? AXA XL’s successful implementation of hybrid working involved identifying different employee personas and addressing their unique needs. The company adopted policies and benefits based on employee feedback and fostered local initiatives to support mental health and work-life balance. The success of the hybrid working approach is ...

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labelArticles today2023.04.25.

Unleashing the Power of Employee Engagement Data: Expert Strategies for Transforming Your Organization

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Employee engagement is critical to the success of any organization, yet many struggles to harness the power of their engagement data. By focusing on process leadership, organizations can transform dry data into meaningful insights that drive real change. We spoke with organizational psychologist Thomas Phillipsen to ...

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labelArticles today2023.04.23.

Revolutionizing Performance Management: The Rise of Performance Enablement

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Performance management is an essential function of HR and people management, but traditional annual reviews and numerical ratings may no longer be effective in today’s business landscape. HR leaders must embrace new trends and innovations in performance management to improve employee engagement, productivity, and overall organizational ...

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labelArticles today2023.04.20.

Transforming Organizations Through Employee Experience – Conversation with Elena Aylott

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Employee experience has become an integral component of organizational success, yet its definition remains murky and transformation is hard to measure. Here we sit down with Elena Aylott, Vice President Global Employee Experience of Oriflame Cosmetics, to gain insight from her experiences guiding this transformation journey ...

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