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labelArticles today2022.05.20.

The journey towards predictive talent analytics

Farai Mugabe, Content & Research, The HR Congress WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?HR teams struggle with advanced HR analytics such as regression analysis, hypothesis testing, and data visualization. HR has to do certain steps to walk through a journey of transformation toward predictive analytics. Companies require talent to deliver their strategy. ...

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labelArticles today2022.03.25.

HR’s raison d’être—making sense of the next best things in people operations

By Dr. Lisbeth Claus, Professor Emerita of Management & Global HR at Willamette University WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?There are considerable time gaps between HR research/HR practice and HR innovation/HR implementation particularly when it comes to the cataclysmic changes that have disrupted our ‘normal’ ways of doing things. This opinion piece ...

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labelArticles today2022.03.22.

Reshaping the face of recruitment in a new world

Farai Mugabe, Content & Research, The HR Congress WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?Like many other areas of HR, the recruitment process has changed significantly during the past 2 years. The use of digital tools became the new norm and in the absence of personal interaction, the way organizations attract talent needs ...

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labelArticles today2022.02.25.

Finding Meaning in Work: The Purpose Payoff

By David C Forman, Author of Fearless Talent Choices and Fearless HR WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Employees need to see clearly how they contribute to their company’s goals, as well as how it helps society. In order to be fully engaged, it is essential to find this meaning in their ...

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labelArticles today2022.02.24.

Finding Strength in Adversity: Talent Resolutions for 2022

By David C Forman, Author of “Fearless Talent Choices” WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? We face challenges never seen before that created new circumstances for organizations to adapt and innovate. Capitalizing on their talent and leveraging their most valuable assets will provide a major advantage for them.   The third decade ...

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labelArticles today2022.02.10.

Optimizing training for a hybrid workforce

Graham Glass – CEO, CYPHER LEARNING WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Employees are the backbone of any organization. I know that investing in their training is key to driving success and innovation. Therefore, optimizing training for the hybrid workforce should be of prime importance for business leaders. The hybrid work model ...

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labelArticles today2022.02.03.

3 steps to kickstart your internal mobility strategy

by Kristof Stevens How to keep your best people, break the silos, and futureproof your organisation Hybrid working has changed the way we work and the way we think about work. A more flexible schedule backed by skill growth support has improved the employee experience. And it has prompted workers ...

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