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labelArticles today2023.07.13.

Unlocking the Culture Advantage: Strategies for Creating a Thriving and Innovative Workplace

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Discover the secrets to building a performance-driven culture that unlocks the full potential of your employees. Dive into insights from industry leaders, such as Banco Santander’s Dan Strode, Bayer’s Rahul Kalia, and Metso Corporation’s Carita Himberg, as we explore the power of purpose, growth mindset, and ...

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labelArticles today2023.07.06.

Seeing the Bigger Picture – Widening the Aperture for Organizational Performance

                   WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?This article examines the limitations of goal-based frameworks in analyzing organizational performance. It advocates for a shift towards understanding unintended consequences and embracing possibilistic thinking. The importance of considering diverse audiences, social media, and legal compliance is discussed. By broadening perspectives, organizations can navigate a dynamic ...

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labelArticles today2023.06.23.

Unforeseen Turbulence: The Role of Culture in M&A – lessons from Siemens Energy’s Market Value Plunge

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Discover the story behind Siemens Energy’s recent market value plunge and turbine troubles. This article sheds light on the underestimated impact of culture in mergers, drawing valuable lessons for business leaders. Gain insights into the challenges faced and the importance of cultural integration for successful M&A ...

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labelArticles today2023.06.22.

Redefining HR: Shaping People-Centric Organizations for an Unpredictable Future

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? The future is unpredictable, and HR leaders hold the key to shaping organizations into thriving, people-centric entities. Discover how redefining HR practices, championing collaboration, and challenging traditional thinking can help navigate uncertainty and drive success in this transformative journey. In the ever-changing landscape of business, organizations ...

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labelArticles today2023.06.01.

Spotifying Success: How Spotify Nurtures Early Career Talent with Personalized Programs and Flexible Work

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Discover how Spotify is revolutionizing early career programs and work culture in this insightful article. Gain valuable insights into their tailored approach to attracting underrepresented talent, aligning with business goals, and promoting diversity and inclusion. Explore the impact of their innovative programs, such as Opening Act ...

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labelArticles today2023.05.27.

The Motivation Advantage: How Cultivating the Right Culture Drives Superior Work Performance

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Are you curious about how to unlock your team’s full potential and drive exceptional performance? Discover the power of organizational culture in fueling motivation and work performance. In this thought-provoking article, we delve into the impact of building the right culture on employee engagement, collaboration, and ...

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