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labelArticles today2022.09.07.

How can we manage a radical transformation towards livable, sustainable and creative organizations?

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?Good organizations combine a vibrant and creative life energy with human values, social responsibility and efficient production. To do this, we must go beyond the purely profit-oriented and methodical-analytical “engineering” approach and develop new principles There are many suggestions: Bigger visions! Greener Goals! Stronger leadership! Improved structures, ...

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labelArticles today2022.08.29.

Why and How People Work: Generational Similarities and Differences to Tailor Work

Published on August 23, 2022   Dave Ulrich- Rensis Likert Professor of Business, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Leading others is a subtle art. It requires connecting around common values to build mutual understanding while also appreciating differences to personalize a relationship. Effective business and HR leaders get ...

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labelArticles today2022.08.18.

The LinkedIn Cherrypick

Mihaly Nagy – Partner, Head of Content, The HR Congress I love LinkedIn, a fantastic platform to pick up original ideas and thinking. The only disadvantage is, because of just the sheer flow of information available, it is so easy to miss something great and important in our feed. I ...

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labelArticles today2022.08.15.

What does the metaverse mean for the future of work?

By Mark Mortensen, Associate Professor, INSEAD WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? “As with any kind of revolutionary technology, the metaverse should be approached with a healthy amount of caution, but there’s also room for exploration of an entirely new world of work.” Did you know that George Jetson’s birthday was supposedly last month ...

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labelArticles today2022.07.22.

Cancelled flights, chaos at airports – the aviation industry is facing tough challenges due to staff shortage

Farai Mugabe, Content & Research, The HR Congress WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?Service level has drastically depleted because airline companies are failing to cope with the rise in demand for flights. People across the world are facing challenges of flight delays and missing baggage. Airline companies are battling to return to ...

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