Innocent Juice – Employer Branding and Appreciation? Nailed it

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I came across this post on my LinkedIn feed and it was too good not to share…

✔️ Employee Appreciation? Nailed it…

✔️ Employer Branding? Nailed it…

✔️ Viral Marketing? Nailed it…

We all need a good laugh, but using humor can be a slippery territory for brands. On the other hand, if it’s done right it can bring a great number of benefits.

Just take a look at this post:

Not a surprise that over 2,000 positive reactions and plenty of comments. One of my favorites comes from the Head of Internal Communication at BT, Martin Fitzpatrick

See the original post here.

As it is highlighted in this recent HBR article, ” In the age of social media, word travels fast, and perception matters. Modern job seekers weigh a prospective employer’s reputation heavily in their decision to apply for a job or accept an offer because they’re keenly aware of the impact it will have on their own reputation and the way others perceive them.”

Our esteemed contributor, Dave Forman also wrote a piece recently about how important it is that “it is the business skill of marketing that can make a huge difference in both the perception and effectiveness of HR within organizations.”

So next time you are posting on social media, think like a marketeer how you will make your audience engage with your content and remember your brand – or even perhaps write about it in a blog post, just like how it made me do it 🙂


Written by: Mihaly Nagy

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