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Research: The significant financial benefits of global payroll

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Increase Efficiency, Reduce The Burden Of Compliance, Improve The Employee Experience and Become More Agile

Most companies who manage global payroll often struggle with managing payroll data and the financial cost of it. As the world changes due to various forces especially for large international business operations, it becomes highly challenging and complex to ensure that your pay and benefits are compliant with local legislation. The use of a reliable global payroll solution will help organizations to become more efficient and be compliant with regulation whilst realizing a significant Return on Investment of at least 134%.

About the Study

ADP commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying ADP Global Payroll.

Significant financial benefits

The study validated that organizations that use ADP Global Payroll realize a Return on Investment (ROI) of 134% and a Net Present Value (NPV) of $3.4 million. Total Payroll process and efficiency gain within large and small countries was found to be at $2.1 million. Users of ADP Global Payroll enjoy a shorter payback period of just 12 months.  With such a huge cost saving and financial gain, ADP Global Payroll offers the perfect business case for any organization that seeks to manage international payroll on an integrated platform.

Effective data management

As you manage a large workforce, effective data management becomes critical for smooth and efficient payroll management. The use of ADP enables your company to manage over huge numbers of employees and large volumes of data. Before using ADP Global Payroll, research respondents who participated in the study used to use different payroll solutions for different countries. This created challenges in relation to data management, payroll administration, and data analysis for reporting. Upon adopting ADP Global payroll, the organizations were able to eliminate errors, minimize delays, cut down on high non-compliance fees and enhance employee experience.

Avoidance of compliance costs of $1.8M

The ADP Global Payroll platforms helps companies to be able to comply better with dynamic local legislation and regulations. This helps organizations to be able to effectively realize significant cost savings and contribute towards business profitability.

Enhanced employee experience

Employee experience is a key driver of the productivity and retention of talent. The use of ADP Global Payroll results in a reduction of payroll-related errors such as failing to properly calculate tax rates due to changes in regulatory environments. This helps organizations to improve their new hire survival rate and reduce talent attrition rates.

Effective reporting

Periodically organizations are expected to report on key payroll components such as monthly wage bills or total staff costs per country or department, and total staff compliment. The use of ADP Global Payroll enables organizations to effectively extract and analyze reports. This frees up time for payroll staff to be able to focus on more strategic responsibilities. 

Conclusively, as validated by the study, ADP Global payroll offers a wide array of benefits which are both financial and non-financial. These benefits include an ROI of 134% and a total payroll efficiency gain of $2.4 million

The Total Economic Impact TM Of ADP Global Payroll: Increase Efficiency, Reduce The Burden of Compliance, Improve The Employee Experience and Become More Agile With ADP Global Payroll, By Christian Fischer and Ashley Cohen, Forrester Consulting

About ADP Global Payroll

ADP Global Payroll is a scalable, unified platform that streamlines payroll processes across an organization’s international footprint and brings all data into a single consolidated view. Improved compliance and error reduction reduce costs and improve the employee experience.

Written by: Mihaly Nagy

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