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labelArticles today2023.07.06.

Seeing the Bigger Picture – Widening the Aperture for Organizational Performance

                   WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?This article examines the limitations of goal-based frameworks in analyzing organizational performance. It advocates for a shift towards understanding unintended consequences and embracing possibilistic thinking. The importance of considering diverse audiences, social media, and legal compliance is discussed. By broadening perspectives, organizations can navigate a dynamic ...

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labelArticles today2023.05.24.

Future Literacy and the LEARNER Framework: A Vital Asset for HR Professionals

Scott D McArthur, Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?Discover the transformative power of Future Literacy, a crucial skill in a rapidly changing world. Learn how the LEARNER framework can enhance your foresight and adaptability as an HR professional. Gain insights on observing emerging trends, evaluating their impact, anticipating ...

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labelArticles today2023.05.22.

Slicing your L&D budget pie… Solved?

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?Discover the secret to effectively managing your Learning & Development budget! This guest post by Marco Mullers highlights how L&D professionals face the challenge of prioritizing initiatives, which may be overcome by considering the growth impact (G) and uniqueness (U) of each learning need, hence calculating the ...

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