Performance@Work – From Performance Management to Performance Enablement

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The days of yearly performance review are gone. It is time to rethink how we foster performance and leverage continuous performance enablement to drive engagement, retention, and culture, on a regular basis.

The market dynamics, cut-throat competition, and agile business conditions are pushing organizations to constantly reinvent and innovate to ensure business continuity. Therefore, performance management as we used to practice it, monitoring, evaluation and realignment, once a year can no longer suffice the changing requirements.

Organizations need to adopt continuous performance enablement to keep pace with the new employee expectations, changing nature of the businesses, and customer experiences to enable organizations to not only survive but thrive.

Organizations today no longer operate in a stable environment. Invariably, goals, timelines, expectations, cannot be set a year in advance and be left to annual interventions as advocated by traditional performance management systems.
Join The HR Congress Forum on Performance @ Work – brought to you by betterworks – and learn from thought leaders and practitioners how you may reshape performance management in your organization, moving from performance management to performance enablement.


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Welcome and Opening Remarks

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Session One: Debunking the myth of performance management – the triumph of science over myth and superstition

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Session Two: Presentation: Andrea Lagan: From performance management to performance enablement - creating a high performance culture in the post COVID workplace

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Session Three: Panel Discussion: Reimagining Performance Management, Goals and Result at the Hybrid workplace – do’s and don’ts.

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