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Undoubtedly, people are the most important assets any business can have – and the right people are scarce, the competition for top talent is fierce. Combined with The Great Resignation – it is time to re imagine Talent Management in this new, hybrid world of work how organizations will refine their strategies for acquiring and holding onto top talent.

Find out by joining The HR Congress Forum on Talent@Work -powered by Personio where we shall be bringing you insightful presentations and panel discussions so that you are ready to build a workplace where Talent flourish.

Special guest speaker is Dave Forman, the author of Fearless Talent Choices – bringing and insightful, inspiring session about how to improve the workplace so the workforce can flourish and be better prepared for a fast-changing, uncertain world. Fearless Talent Choices identifies six major directional choices that can literally make or break your business.


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Session One – Developing Top Talent: Success Lies In Your Stars

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There’s no way around it: Talent in your organization is a precious commodity and one that you need to attract, identify, develop, and retain for long-term business success. In this keynote, we address the current shortage and the context surrounding the war for talent, best practices, and key learnings on how to find, engage and develop it within your own organization, and how success for your business, ultimately, lies in your star people. Within the right organizational setting, Star performers are made, not born…

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Session Two – Fearless Talent Choices - Keynote

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Innovation in Talent Management from Hiring, Growing, Developing and Retaining key people – what have we learnt from the pandemic that we can carry forward and the evolving role of Tech in Talent Management.

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