Lynda Gratton: Redesigning Work

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Lynda Gratton – Professor of Business, London Business School=

Recorded on 29th November
The HR Congress World Summit 2022

Lynda Gratton: Redesigning Work

We are experiencing the greatest global shift of the century around the world of work. Now doubled with rising inflation, economic uncertainty, the ongoing war on Ukraine – it’s not even a new norm anymore. This is the time of “No Norm”… We invited Professor Lynda Gratton to join The HR Congress World Summit and share her insights on Redesigning Work. Professor Gratton is the global thought-leader on the future of work. Drawing on thirty years of research into the technological, demographic, cultural, and societal trends that are shaping work and building on what we learned through our experiences of the pandemic, she will presents her innovative four-step framework for redesigning work that will help you understand your people and what drives performance, reimagine creative new ways to work, model and test these approaches within your organization, and act and create to ensure your redesign has lasting benefits. After the keynote, The HR Congress founder, Mihaly Nagy shall conduct a short interview Professor Gratton and talk about critical challenges organizations facing around Culture, Employee Experience, Managers and Leadership.

Written by: Mihaly Nagy

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