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RISE! How Human Resources Can Lead the Organization Through The Current Humanitarian Crisis And Beyond

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Watch the forum on demand. Recorded on 17th March, 2022.

The HR Congress Forum presents:
RISE! How Human Resources Can Lead the Organization Through The Current Humanitarian Crisis And Beyond

Just as the global COVID pandemic began to abate, the military incursion in Ukraine again both unified and disrupted the entire world. Unity was evidenced by an unprecedented UN vote of 141 to 5 condemning Russian aggression. Disruption is evidenced in exacerbated mental health, HR, and leadership challenges in organizations everywhere.

The worldwide humanitarian aid response has been incredible and HR professionals are positioned to apply their professional knowledge and skills to create sustained human capability agendas focused on:

• Individual employees.
HR professionals care for and inspire employees, helping them stabilize emotions, focus on enduring values, access support and resources, and contribute meaningfully to empowering others.
• Organizational social responsibility.
HR leads out in helping organizations collaborate with relief agencies; work with governments to enact positive regulatory policies; train, place, or hire those in need of work; participate in creating job banks; match personal financial donations; and encourage sabbaticals and volunteer service.
• Leaders and leadership.
HR can coach and facilitate leaders at all levels to set a vision of commitment to service, communicate with both words and action, create the right organization culture of service and responsibility, and model compassion and active engagement.

These few ideas provide a glimpse into how HR professionals can and do contribute to the emerging blueprint for HR’s agenda to create value.

The webinar will explore how HR professionals can rise to the current challenges and take specific actions to help individual employees, organizations, and leaders. It will include HR thought leaders with firsthand experience in making a difference in this crisis.


  • Wendy Ulrich – Psychologist at The RBL Group
  • Dave Ulrich – Professor of Business, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  • Cris Wilbur – Chief People Officer, Roche
  • Heike Virmond – CHRO, Gategroup
  • Sergio Caredda – former Chief People Officer, OVS S.p.A
  • Mihaly Nagy – Partner, Head of Content – The HR Congress
    Founder – The HR Congress magazine and (virtual) event series. Connecting leading HR thinkers and HR Leaders to build humane organizations

Written by: Mihaly Nagy

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