Make your organization’s Employee Experience even better: A quick peek at EX Forum’s Heleen Mes Masterclass 

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By Gary Flood, Senior Journalist, The HR Congress


Heleen Mes is the Netherlands’ leading expert on EX. She is sharing her real-world insights on employee experience and design, answering questions on what experiences people expect in organizations, and providing a roadmap for great EX.

Heleen Mes, Founder and Managing Director of HXWork

Things are shaping up very well for our first real-world HR Congress learning and networking opportunity for far too long—the upcoming Employee Experience Impact Forum in Amsterdam.

Confirmed for 16-17 May, we hope you will be joining us to add your voice to the HR practitioner community’s shaping of the future of EX against the superb canvas of the famous nhow Amsterdam RAI, and if you haven’t done so yet we recommend you immediately Download the Delegate Brochure.

However, you may not be aware of a hugely important aspect of the conference: the two excellent Masterclasses we’ve set up for you on official ‘Masterclass Day’ of the 16th.

There, we have two world-class speakers lined up for you, starting with (from 14:30 pm for two hours) Masterclass 1 with the Netherlands’ leading expert on EX, Heleen Mes, Founder and Managing Director of HXWork on Employee Experience & Design. Then immediately following at 16.30pm is Masterclass 2, How HR is Shaping a Better (Hybrid) Employee Experience through new ways of working – Case Examples & Lessons Learned.

To get a sense of what Helen wants to help us work on for Masterclass 1, we’re sharing a brief Q&A here of what to look for from her session. And if you like what you read, don’t forget to book your Masterclass and Forum tickets here!

Thanks for agreeing to give us this quick peek, Ms Mes! So—who is Heleen?

Always happy to help Mihaly and his team, no problem. So, I’ve been described as the number one employee experience expert in the Netherlands, as I started the Netherlands and Belgian LinkedIn groups on the topic. For a long time, I was an HR director andHR consultant. A lot of my thinking about EX, which I’ll probably talk about in the session, actually comes out of the learnings I got from that time as a practitioner, and I think a lot of attendees will know what I mean when I reflect on how we have great systems, great KPIs, and yet our people are not really happy with us—how you can be so busy with doing everything according to the books but still hadn’t learned that HR is not only about your systems and being state of the art, it is about really seeing and hearing and feeling the things you need to do a great work inside your company.

Fascinating, and as you say, Ms Mes, very germane to the whole problem. Tell me about your current practice?

So I’m the founder of HXWork, which is shorthand for ‘the human experience of work.’ What we and my team are doing is we provide consultancy, masterclasses keynotes, conduct employee surveys and perform custom client research; we write employee experience books, and we write thought leadership blogs for HR sites.

Why should I go to your workshop? What do you think I can get from it—how will you change my HR practice and make my life better?

I see the Class as a chance to share my experience about delivering great employee experiences. In short, I’ll walk you through real-world and data-based insights about what kind of experience people expect in your organization and developing experience. Other elements will include the essentials of employee experience and employee experience design, answering the question of what kind of experiences people are looking for in your organization and the basis of a roadmap for great EX for you and your people.

What’s my best preparation for the Workshop?

On the HXWork website there is an employee experience Quick Scan with 25 questions. I’d recommend you do that work first, as in two minutes you’ll find out how great experience in your organization is. Do the quiz, accept the findings—then come to Amsterdam to make your organization’s EX even better.

Wonderful, thanks Helen. See you in Amsterdam!

Tickets for one or both Masterclasses and the full Forum are available here

Written by: Eva Mezosi

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